Dear Deena, How goes it?
I hope you are making it okay with your father’s estate, and that you can squeeze some projects out of your sabbatical.
I am excited about how close I am to graduating, I need to take one class in summer, and it’s a social studies class for goodness’ sake! I have been making some pretty rad work with embroidering sweaters (both cardigans and pullovers) with fragments of my psyche. I read this great artist statement by Richard prince in the beginning of one of his books where he just wrote about his day in the New York City going to all these book stores and talking about movies, and what he was doing with this was effectively explaining his interests and where his art was coming from. It’s not so much existential and neurotic, and more positive in its assessment of nihilism. The dumb way of saying it would be, “Nothing maters, if it all ends up in a super nova, so fuck it!” That’s where my old geologic strata drawing ended, but now I am past that and making work that instead of being stifled by its meaninglessness is actually liberated by it. Well that still sounds negative but I swear its not that dark, in fact my goal in making art is to make work that takes all that bullshit that life can throw at you and make something positive out of it, you know silver lining and all that. I can for sure say that it goes beyond that simple community college idea of nihilism anyway (nothing against CC’s, I might end up taking courses in tailoring after SAIC and besides you and the whole lot of PCC’s art department is/was totally rad).

I am still making work out of things that I have or can be gotten cheaply. It’s intentional and related to my subject matter but its also just part of life and trying to get by with what you have. I know my standing in society is valuable to my practice in that it lets me maintain a critical eye on both sides of culture. I know that is a overly simplified view of culture, but whatever. My work skirts that line of sentimentality, but I think it comes out clean and only uses sentimentality as a means of critique. Though if it does get a bit sappy, then it does so unabashedly that’s for sure. IT’S NOT ABOUT MEMORY, that’s also for sure.