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Bad Ideas

It occurred to me today that coming to Chicago might have been the BEST Bad Idea I have ever made.


a new “mixtape.” In my itunes it is named BASEST BALLS! Its a collection of heavy hitters.


Robert Venturi, Fire Station No. 4

A fine example of post modern architecture

Wordless 06 – New Mix

this one has a few songs that are pretty mellow and good for studying, and then one which isn’t really.

Proof That I Am A Better Boyfriend Than You!


Made in an hour with clips from a digi cam. I have no Idea what it sounds like as I am in the computer lab and don’t have headphones.


’68 Dodge Charger

Sara showed me how to glitch images, so instead of playing solitaire I have been making these

Like spray foam or collage, there are so many possibilities, but it is even easier to end up with something pointless.