THIS IS NOSTALGIA // is this nostalgia

by M. L. Morrill

Recently I’ve been looking at records and music and the diy aesthetics of the early/mid 2000s, and I love it. actual records with design/work that went into the entirety of the object. The first and most obvious is the sleeve. a 7×7, 10×10 or 12×12 image signifying the awesomeness contained on the disc. But it goes beyond good cover art, into disc color (transparent green! baby blue! marbled grey!) Disc label, pro printed? stenciled? rubber stamped? does it have the info on one side and a giant logo on the other. Or does it have one dot sticker for side A and two for side B? Finally what about the little insert? Is it a little piece of paper that was cut off a larger xeroxed sheet? Does it contain the lyrics to the songs, and if it does, are the songs arranged in order or not.

 This past friday after work I was pretty stoked, my bike got stolen and quickly recovered, I got paid, and I got off work at noon. I was pretty stoked my day went from the worst day of my life (not really) to the best. So I went north to check out a bike shop that sells Swrve jackets but they were closed and the wrong store anyways, but still I wound up at Reckless Records, and SCORED!!!! First I found some rad LPs, but I wasn’t feeling buying something totally new just yet, though I think I will go back and buy those Earth LPs, any record with a lime green ‘Cuda has to be worth some of its salt. But the real shit that got my goat were two 7″s by two of the raddest and seriously influential bands in Los Angeles, yet I found them 2000 miles away in Chicago.
The first was Silver Daggers’ first 7″ on Not Not Fun. Honestly, I thought I wasn’t gonna find this one anywhere other than ebay. so when I saw it in the stack my mind was blown. this record came out just before I started going to their shows. I didn’t have a record player so even if I saw it I wouldn’t have bought it, and besides their two cd-rs Art School No Bleed and Live on KXLU were totally better deals. Long Story Short: I was so stoked to find this.
Then I brought it home, and had was really blown away by the packaging. This is the record by which all others are judged! It is a Not Not Fun release, so you know it is rad. When Foot Village released their World Fantasy ten inch it came in a large(think File box size) with just the record and leaves! Back to the SD 7″, firstly, its in a raw cardboard sleeve with two color screen print, one part is folded over to form a pocket for the disc. Inside, instead of a simple lyrics sheet is a rad booklet filled with anarcho/anti cop/anti system rawness! It is so rad, and so raw.
I love it because it is an object from one of the raddest periods in my life which was the summer of 2005 into 2006. It was my Breaking Away summer, nothing but bikes and punk shows. I had graduated high school and my friends went to college and so I found a new crew. Luz, Jose, Letty, Camryn, and then the A-House kids, Matt, Megan, Budge, Morgan, Max. I was 18 and everything was Rad!
I feel like I am in another one of those periods. I’m sorta done with school, I have an AWESOME job (with the TRILLEST colleagues), I don’t have a girlfriend (in a good way), and I am able to get by on my own, which has been a goal of mine since I was eighteen.

So here’s to the future, and this new segment in our lives!
 ‘Cuz I think ur kool!
-Michael Morrill