We Need to Stop the Rage!!!!

by M. L. Morrill

This mix was originally intended to be the counter-mix to the aggressive, hardcore brutality of Thrashthepainaway Vol. 2, but of course, as with everything else in life things tend to get heavy pretty quickly.

Whenever I am making a tape I like to put in something opposite the prevailing mood, so if its heavy, I’ll put in something poppy, its a pretty cheap laugh/shock. So this was supposed to be made up of many of those kind of tracks. and the first track “Heynerdshovetheinternetupyourgapinganalcavity@dork.com” by Spazz was going to be the track that connects this mix with the last. But over the past few weeks, weeks of solitude (this is realtalk here), constant drinking, reading, and working, I’ve found some sort of joy in other people’s depressing music. Not that I relate to it in the way I related to Bright Eyes and Cursive in high school, but that some of the sentiments are sooooo ridiculous. The prime example of this is the song “Confusion” by Doom. Jeez Louise!!!!!!! so much hatred or angst its almost comical.
That said, there are some really good, and HEAVY songs. Most notably are those by THRONES and 16 Bitch Pile-Up. These two bands are most responsible for the mood of this track. Both acts are soooo amazing. Other bands/musicians on this tape are Crystals, Japanther, Lee Hazlewood, Mobb Deep, Born Against, and Throbbing Gristle. I hope You like it

Staying Positive,