Coping with Selling Out

by M. L. Morrill

I recently stopped being vegetarian. Well sorta, I am calling it my Rumspringa. Where I eat meat for a little while and see if I like it or not —see if I have one of those “oh my lord, what have I been living without!!!!!!!” So far I haven’t had that moment. It helps that I find most meat pretty gross. In fact, I mostly find the most processed of meats the most enticing. Fun Fact: it was a can of Spam that drove me to try meat again. And it was a corndog that I was eating when I decided to be a vegetarian. It was good. And it was the craving for juicy/salty/pepper corny Corned Beef that I have held off since Christmas that was the nail in the coffin. I’ve given myself ‘til after St. Patrick’s Day when I can get some corned beef to decide whether I am going to keep eating meat or not.
One of the issues that arose when I made this decision —the thing that I feel confronted with as I approach graduating and entering into real adulthood is the issue of how do I want to live when I don’t have the routine of school. Surely I will have other routines, like a job, and a bunch of other seasonal bullshit, but the more I think about the morals that I feel are necessary for being a good person, the less I could give a fuck about any of it. I don’t know. Do I join those on the path to the middle class existence, or suffer through years of impoverished art making, continuing on my bike-riding trajectory?

Where is the Michael of last winter? He sure was stoked on everything

Is this what it feels like when a Midwest winter gnaws you alive? It doesn’t eat you; it just chews on your calf with its toothless gums. Polcat is this weekend! Last year’s was both the most awesome’est and then the darkest day of last winter. I’ll tell you all about it, Later!


PS. For all my vegan friends back home, don’t fret, two weeks after I switched my girlfriend went vegan, and she has boobs, so I’ll most likely come back to the fold

PPS. Next January WILL be spent in California.