Japanther pumps the stoke smacks!

by M. L. Morrill

I know I am supper late for the pop punk bus to brooklyn 2004, in that I didn’t really listen to Japanther until last december, after a cute girl i know talked them up and made me do a double take.
I mean, I knew about them, and that the best part about the B.I.K.E. movie was their cameo in the trailer (I WANNA KNOW HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE SEEN YOUR BEST FRIEND DIE!), but after some kewl canadian dude on a bike was like”oh, their shows are spotty, sometimes they’re good, sometimes not so much” and I was in my 19-20 year old michael phase where I was still impressionable and was still shamed for my self indulgent emo phase from a few years before. What I mean is that was all before I learned that you just gotta OWN IT, and everything else will fall into place, or it just won’t matter.

The Dirge!!!!