its crazy how the internet works…

by M. L. Morrill

…Sara checked out this “best of comics 2007” book from the library, after looking through it, we go to the back where there’s the artist name and bios, when we see Anders Nielsen, Other Sara’s boyfriend, followed by C. tyler, whoa, that comic was done by a girl? look HER up on the internet and it doesn’t match, oh wait, go back to the comic, and see that super dope comic was actually by C.F. some mysterious dude with little info in the bio section. Then look HIM up and find him mentioned in this ComicsComics website. This dude Frank Santoro, who sounds familiar, is that that dude Brian Miller would trade records for comics with? Maybe. –Back to the search for this C.F. dude… oh hey, he works with brian chippendale, who also works with brian miller/Foot Village stuff. This guy seems pretty rad.

Oh Wait, this is the Kites dude???? I remember seeing him at il corral. Too bad Jed’s impression report of him at rhinoceropolis ruined him for me.