count your blessings 1, 2, 3…

by M. L. Morrill

This year I have learned the importance of outside support. because honestly, before this year, while not being a loner because, i have definitely been a Solitary Man.

So this year…

I’m thankful for the most amazing family ever. like seriously,if their sweetness and support were replaced with brutality and toughness my family could beat up your family. You guys are the greatest, and i really don’t know how express how important you are and have been in getting me to where i am today.

I am also thankful for having the dopest, most bomb ass girlfriend, Sara, and roommate, Jed, in the world. with out the two of them, the past few months would have been A LOT tougher, if not unbearable. from the hungry times of summer while i was loosing pounds messengering, to getting out of bad appartments, and kick ass.

I am also thankful for for all my friends back home and abroad, and how i can stay in touch and get you support through the internet. I cant wait to see you.

Finally, i am thankful for all my chicago friends, sorry if we haven’t been hanging out as much. Between school and girlfriendland, you might be able to say that you’ve been left in the cold. but don’t worry, once school is over, we’ll have all the time in the cold to hang and watch movies and ride bikes and make movies.