talking about the weather

by M. L. Morrill

the weather is getting colder, and its starting to feel like winter. Did you see the rain last night? when it was getting all sideways? Don’t fret, Every day is an adventure.

this morning i turned my phone back on, and so i received a flood of text messages. one was from steph. she had a bike question. i replied, and then she replied with a thanks, these kids are driving me crazy, and then made a reference to Falling Down.

Afterwards I was thinking about the last time i was a doofus, and though there have been plenty of time since i came to the time we rode up the coast of malibu, and we were rolling along and i was on a borrowed fixie and steph was on her road bike pre-facelift, and it had to be 80 degrees in january. it was nuts. Its Always Summer in LosAngeles. I hadn’t drank much water. I had some, but i didn’t want to take off me back pack to get to my nalgenes bottle. Then Steph offered me some of hers since she had bottle cages, and so I accepted.

Then I proceeded to drink a whole bunch, I was a lot more thirsty than I had realized, and then left the super slobbery.

well Anyways, I was thinking about that story, and how i kept thinking all this occurred in september when I was there last, but then i remembered that this and all the san pedro/sunken city riding happened way back in january.

And then it hit me, this is the point of all this gibberish, It IS Always Warm In Los Angeles.