What makes you so special?

by M. L. Morrill

Life’s crazy sometimes. You can get so wrapped up in other people’s egos and “great ideas” that you start to question why you’re here at this expensive school and is this all just a waste, get a bit down in the dumps because you’ve got two dollars and only rice to eat.

but then it happens, you talk to a someone you hardly know and they totally get your ideas, and what you’re trying to say even though you can barely articulate it yourself. And then you just say something on the internet about using tire as a tire liner, and then you go home and talk to your roommate, and ask “What makes us so special?” and then you realize that you just are. luck of the draw I guess. How the hell did I get here from a life totally obsessed with cars, church, Monrovia.

I watched Two Lane Blacktop a couple weeks back and it brought back memories of car talk at my grandpa’s house, and rally “racing,” and working with Don the Machinist, and then Working at Saturn of Monrovia, and almost buying Jordan’s car, and how much different my would be if i had gotten my license.

Life’s crazy, Man.

[*This was written last week, and since then I’ve received the affirmation from several awesome people (because i would never say how awesome I am, i’m just too modest, which makes me awesome. quick someone burst my bubble!)]