A response from Chicago

by M. L. Morrill

Dear Michael, don’t be such a Negative Debbie. Don’t paint the whole town in diarrhea green just because you had a mediocre Friday night. Maybe you should put some active work into making the city a better place before you start talking shit. Don’t be a hater. Do just one of the millions of ideas you have. Dinner Party? Lower Wacker Construction Site Alley Cross? Remember, you’re in a city with some of the coolest people in the world. AIN’T NOTHING TO IT BUT TO DO IT, RIGHT? so shut your yapper, you ain’t no snapper -sorry, I’ve been listening to Riff Raff SODMG all evening. Anyways, stop cryin’ and start crackin! At least draw some shit while you’re sitting in your studio.


P.S. Take a shower, you’re starting to smell!