Messenger log, Day 2:

by M. L. Morrill

i was on my way to a drop off across the loop in grid lock going east on Jackson about to turn left on Deerborn (imagine 6th street in LA, and turning left at Main) , when I saw my opening to cut through all the traffic. All I had to do was slip between a tourist viewing trolly and a white sedan. So I thread the needle, and am picking up speed when all of a sudden the sedan shuts the door with me halfway through by, for no reason at all, pulling to the left. the gep get smaller and smaller, then I slap on the brakes, and as I do, the entire bus full of people SCREAMS, certain that they are gonna see me crash. I drop back just enough, to see the sedan pull back to the right, opening the door again. Then i make it through alive, and give a curtesy wave to the bus driver, make it in time for the light and the drop off my package.
oh, and i got stuck in a stairwell