Artist Statement pt. 1

by M. L. Morrill

My work is about coping, and thriving under capitalism. It is about looking through the random bits and waste of our society, and finding those Morsels of Emancipation. It knows that the Left is impotent, and there is little hope for miraculous change. It knows our futility, and instead of cowering in its own weakness it stands up and says, FUCK THAT, LIFE IS AWESOME!

My work is made in and about those moments where life is the greatest thing imaginable. It is not about nostalgia or recreating childhood moments. It is as present as it can possibly be. It is about expressing those silly, youthful, random, and often ignored ideas. The ones that come to mind all the time in the form of puns, slogans, jokes, and questions. It is about revealing all the stupidest and most personal thoughts. It’s about GETTING STOKED!