Home Movie Aesthetic

by M. L. Morrill

These are all the videos/films that inspire my recent notion of the aesthetics of the home movie. I know, totally art school, Bro! I hate the term aesthetics, its so loaded with art school crap. Its only slightly better, but slightly worse than the word “juxtapose.”

Sadly I am unable to find any film by Nathaniel Dorsky online. but he is one of the first experimental filmmakers I really liked.

I: Music Videos:
I break horses by smog

Arms Against Atrophy by Titus Andronicus

Any Fun by Coconut Records

II: George Kuchar and Curt McDowell:
These two guys are in a league of their own in terms of weirdness. If you think John Waters is transgressive, then you should see the films made by Kuchar or McDowell.

Wild Night in Reno by George Kuchar

I, An Actress

Thundercrack! by Curt Mcdowell