Total Immersion

by M. L. Morrill

Do you ever feel like you are no where you are? Like you’re somewhere else; not in your room in chicago. I do . all the time. Like when I read a news article about a corrupt cops in Los Angeles, or about the effect a tsunami would have on San Francisco, or even a wikipedia article about the Herald Tribune building in Downtown. Its an amazing feeling reading something and completely immersing yourself into the details of the story. Like, I know that part of town, I know what that block feels like at noon on that hottest weekend in July. I remember what the tiles look like in the lobby of that building when Mom and I wandered around LA waiting for my sister. Do you ever experience anything like that?
Its like reverse deja vu, something that I also experience all the time, like last week watching Breaking Away at a friend’s house in this weird loft thing. I know for a fact that I had a dream about watching Breaking Away with these two people, who I didn’t know at the time because I was still in California, but I remember the couch, and the TV, and the stairs and the table, and the loft, and the way the light came up from the stairs into the loft. -DIGRESSION!
The strangest and most heart breaking thing about being totally immersed into whatever you’re reading is of course the coming to. When you finish reading the article and you sit up straight, stretch your arms and realize you aren’t riding bikes with your friends back home, but are stuck at school trying to write a paper. But now matter how heart breaking it is. It feels so good to mentally be in California for those few minutes. I Love California. California is Home.