I like donuts -no I LOVE donuts!

by M. L. Morrill

Sorry life, I can’t be vegan. I like donuts too much. You don’t even know the joy I get from my triple punch combo*. and to deny myself that joy, well that would be like replacing my bike with beach cruiser. Shoot, I’ve ridden 70 miles over night just for donuts. Maybe if I was on the west coast where vegan bakery sweets abound, but here in the midwest all the only things I’ve found are the yuppified $2 cookies at whole food, and I am just to punk rock to spend two dollars on some hippy dippy hemp laced hockey puck. Don’t worry, I still won’t buy milk or eggs, but if i get that craving for a delicious jelly filled or buttermilk you can be sure I’m gonna get it.


*one jelly, one sprinkles, and one old fashioned.