Melodramatic Artsy Strung Out Females

by M. L. Morrill

M: Lydia Lunch bothers me. Its the whole strung out, whining, I have extreme daddy issues, shtick. It just grinds my gears.

MM: Even worse is dating that person who although may have “some” issues, pay them up because they feel they have too… know, cause Lydia did it.

M: Totally. I don’t have much tolerance for self deprecation or depression, or destruction. I mean, i will stand by you through the thickest of shit, but fuck, you have to do something about getting out of it. BELIEVE ME when I say I know what its like to think that your life is nothing but shit, and you want to kill yourself. I’ve REALLY been there, ALL THE WAY, but shit, depression is so unproductive, it does nothing.  It is another thing that stands in the way of being the best that you can be.