Thoughts pt. Eight

by M. L. Morrill

Have you ever experience the simultaneous  ultimate stoke of going home to all your friends, and the heartbreak of the girl you used to love telling you that she should have dated you instead of your best friend? All this compounded by listening to Superstar by Sonic Youth? What the fuck is gonna happen to me?

haircut tonight?


Godard, SEXIST! Buñuel, SEXIST! Almodovar, SEXY!

i still feel like i don’t have a real grasp on post-modernism

Dude, nobody does,

Dear Peaches, I just wanted to tell you that you album, The Teaches of Peaches, is sooooooo sexy.  I haven’t heard music that has made me want to fuck this bad since Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together. Damn! Your bass tone makes me just want to grind in bed that’s sticky with my cum.

Scull and Cross Boners

I wish i could be in a band called CUNTS, but I am not a girl, nor am i a guy that could live with that amount of overt sexism, besides, i am sure it has been used by a few riot girrrl bands between 1989 and now.

Peaches and dead weather tour.

Vince and i have talked about moving north come the summer. If Jed does move to another city, and its the two of, though new guy Cheatan might have change the situation. living closer to the city will definitely make life easier. a 20 minute commute is way better than 30-45.

I take it that i am going to see what its like when ever you come to town.

I love her song HOT ROD.

writing a will is really fun

I can’t believe we still live in a world without free wifi, at least in public places like airports.

when will people learn that you should never mix cocaine and heroin.

you know sometimes a pop song is just a song, and a movie is just a movie. it is not a work of art, but something to be enjoyed and consumed. something to brighten up your miserable day. That’s why people like popular music, movies, television, literature.