Thoughts pt. Seven

by M. L. Morrill

Zombie Lesbian Stripper Cops!

you have an amazing smile.

I know, it sure makes it hard to be pessimistic when you’ve got a smile like this.

i had a wonderful conversation with the school councilor.  she was very receptive to my complaints regarding my gawdawful sustainable forms class, and she admired that i as able to truck on through it.

I wish my Grampa was still alive.

erwin wurm: “negative dialectic” pg 6 by the photographer’s gallery london

when do you decide that the reader needs to be walked through the text and when the reader already knows what you are talking about?

remember that time we were walking in downtown portland, approaching the scientology center, and i was telling about how big a deal scientology is in LA and just as we reached it, the group of three men and a women turn and go inside. I remember the woman went in last and held the door open for us, and i dipped my head, embarrassed. that wouldn’t be the first time i got caught talking shit about scientology though.

franz west, will you be my boyfriend? my last art crush died twelve years before i was born.

I didn’t think it would be this hard to go the distance. fuckin brevity.

is everything really subjective?

I want to make a dialectic

pseudo spiritualism through minimalist art

Your complaints about the teacher wasting your money are invalid based on the fact that you were more often late yourself, and that you’re just plain wack

thirst by chan woo pack, director of Oldboy. the best vampire movie ever!

Must find the soundtrack to The Limits of Control.

I wish Telemundo had english subtitles, then it would be like  watching Amaldovar every night.

it’s strange finding friends from high school that we barely christian but are now more christian than even your mom.

44 degrees inside the house today

songs about divorce are some of the best songs written.