Thoughts pt. Six

by M. L. Morrill

most random win yet.

I mean modest mouse is the best chess music. “… no no, not even if sober; can’t get that king turned over!”

newest crush: Lizzy Mercier Descloux. she’s such a badass.

Sleep//Proposition soundtrack split cassette in the making Right Now!

the problem with listening to 40 second songs is that it makes the 2 minute ones feel eternal.  I mean eight minute songs usually have an upfront commitment, you know what you’re getting into, but a two minute song is supposed to be short, when in all reality its almost four times as long as any song by CB or Spazz

Three chords played repeatedly over a very long time. See: Herpes Simplex by LMD

remember last year when you rode home from that party in altadena at four am. it was soooooo cold, i was something like 33 degrees.

I wish I was more masculine.

dude, i just gotta tell ya. i got you the coolest gift. its gonna rock your socks off.

“How can an angel break my heart?”

its always warmer to ride

dude, remember that time we went to the hub to see hellogoodbye and there was that band whose lead singer used one of those chrome boxing ring mics, and YOU grabbed that broom and started playing air guitar on stage with them? do you remember that?


15 degrees today, 13mph winds too!

who the fuck is Pavement, and why all the hype?

yeah man, i have heard to many “OH MY GODDDSthey’rethebest!” and “oh gosh,iwasintothembutthenIsawthemlive” for me to even listen to them. I’d rather just listen to sonic youth, NMH, or dinosaur jr.

Just like instead of listening to Wilco, I would rather hear Modest Mouse. I know they aren’t the same band, but in my mind the operate in the same aesthetic sphere.

Fuck, none of them compare to the dirty three though, warren ellis straight up shreds on the violin.

there is a squeaking coming from inside the vent. at first i thought it was a cat, but after climbing up to the ceiling, I realized it was only a metal flap.

NPR is way more real and depressing than the bleakest european art film.