Thoughts pt. Five

by M. L. Morrill

I do miss los angeles. Emily says this is one of those “becoming a man” things.

hey, i forgot to tell you about how much i hate depression. the thought of being depressed and sad pisses me off so much. depression is just so bogus. i never want to deal with that shit again. that’s what really scares me about this damn winter. but hey, if it makes me a man.

Jack white is the greatest living guitarist. Suck It, Eric Clapton!

Lawrence, i finally got that gowns record, the one recorded at southern studios. i just love them. the idea of making music about people they know. i know it can get too real sometimes, but like the films of michael hanneke, I just need that reality sometimes. -michael

my artistic process as been reduced to 1. think of an idea; 2. overthink that idea until it is dead; 3. think about another idea; 4. convince yourself that it isn’t good enough; 5. now that I am out of time I must not think and just do; 6. Dig hole in yard. I need to figure out steps two through five.

Warren’s Lament and I Knew It Would Come to This, two very different, but beautiful songs

“well crap, i thought the potluck was today, not tuesday. i guess i just have to eat these cookies by myself.”

Actually, I would go so far as to say that I want Warren Ellis to play my funeral. There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house.

once again, the saic library is outshined by columbia college’s

“You talk shit be hind my back, don’t you.”

_____________________an exercise of the id____________

“I know you do because you’ve told me shit about him behind his back.”

i mean by the time you read this i’ve already written a gross more things that are equally as bad/good as anything you see here
“The whaling violin sounds just like the howling winds outside. Never mind, that’s just the TV in the other room.”

I remember the first time I heard the white stripes. i was watching craig killborne, when they came on and played Screwdriver, or maybe Canon, though it might have been from white blood cells, but it wasn’t “fell in love with a girl”. this was several months before they were on the radio. i remember thinking “hey emily, we should start a band”  because at that point they were still telling people they were brother and sister. it was strange because i had already been into the hives for a few years. but i couldn’t have been a senior  when the white stripes came out because that would have been after 2002, the year of the “The” bands. nevermind, I don’t remember. craig kilborn was way better than craig ferguson

Did I tell you about my plan to diet on nothing but Little Debbie pies? 420 calories for only $.75.

this violin is just gut wrenching. it is so tragic. not conducive to writing an essay.

this time last year you believed in an objective truth. What happened?

These thoughts are not critically thought out, but just merely mental outbursts. As soon as they are written, they are forgotten.

is nihilism a product of capitalism? is it just a flavor of philosophy created to satisfy the discontent and disenchanted?

Dude! First snow fall bike ride. it was cold. but i was sweating. gotta figure out the layers. It might be that my wind breaker traps all the moisture. But it was so much fun. I love snow fall. It’s like hail, if hail floated like feathers. I am sure I will see more snow than I could ever want, but right now it is still a novelty.

“if you ask anyone around here, they will tell you that i am the most objective person they know.”

Changing too many items of clothing too close together is a cold experience.

now its cold in my house

Stoke as Art

25 miles in sub 25 degree weather

Wind direction refers to the direction of its origin, so for example a western wind comes from the west. However, this doesn’t help you very much in the city as the wind s bouncing off and being redirected by all the buildings. I mean yesterday I saw wind falling upwards on my side of the street, but falling down on the side opposite.

you can be a real asshole sometimes

Sometimes I think about poetry, but then I remember how pretentious it can be.

its funny how in poetry, the more lowbrow it is, the more pretentious it becomes.

How is Formalism different than experimental music? How is Materiality different than the tweaking of sound?

i finally had a chicago dog, turns out that place on adams did have veggie dogs. You really would have liked it thought, the place was so filled with americana, i wanted to puke. i was a little dismayed that they didn’t have an L.A. dog. you’d think with all the recent hype about bacon hay would jump on the bacon wrapped alley dog.

“I remember in the ’70s my mom would take me and my sister to the Sanrio store, and I would sniff erasers.”