by M. L. Morrill

for just a few moments i actually thought i was back home. i was reading the laist about the cat tagger and the herald examiner building, and was going through the map in my head about where these locations were in relation to one another. i’ve loved the examiner building since i first saw it riding down to luz’s house, and later walking around it with my mom. it is a real cool building, it was designed by a female architect, julia morgan, the same architect that designed mr. hearst’s castle in san simeon, according to the article.

it was strange, how in reading the article, and seeing the sunny pictures i felt like i was in southern california in april, you know how the first week of spring is always a scorcher, it gets up to something like eighty degrees when you just want rain so that maybe summer won’t be so hot. But then when the article was finished, and i then checked my facebook, i was reminded that is november, and i am in my kitchen in chicago and i cannot feel my fingers or toes, even though i am wearing two pairs of socks, shoes, jeans, bike tights, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a cardigan, a goretex jacket and a beanie.

i think i need to get up and walk around a bit. the blackhawks game is on in a few. i am going to listen to that on the radio. they are playing the los angeles kings.