Thoughts pt. Four

by M. L. Morrill

guido, in 8 1/2, has the best glasses

Ciao Bela, or Fuck Me Dead, and that film by Suzanne Nicholas were amazing

beethoven’s 5th symphony at the 10:45 mark

the $9 thermals are better than the $6 ones

Boredoms is total makeout music

dear will, i am currently wearing, five layers on my torso, two layers on my legs, three layers on my feet, and a baseball hat. is this what its like in seattle?

Sometimes i feel like this Jed, myself and Vince are members of a family. each of us takes turns being the mother, father and child.

fuck, i am not ready for an empty house in the middle of winter. you are going to find me naked on the floor of a half painted room with post it notes all over the walls.  i won’t kill myself, but i might go crazy.

Dear Ape, i am at a school with 75% females, yet I still can’t bring myself to connect with girls. why is it that every girl that i find attractive is unfortunate enough to already have a boyfriend. shit sucks. i know what you said about keep trying, and i will, but when you realize that the few girls that aren’t batshit crazy are already seeing someone, it gets discouraging.

we’re only roommates, not brothers. i originally thought otherwise, but…

Raised by women

i know i am the newest and most unsure, but is that enough reason to always be the child?

The Streets, such good music.

dear lawrence, I went to a Pilsen poetry party last night. It was particularly pleasant. I got to hang out with some stellar ladies in exchange for hearing some blah poetry. It was mostly about fucking and penises, and really, it’s just as wearing as dudes telling dick jokes.  and then the moments and lines that were straight livejournal/melo drama inspired, with matching diction. i drank a bit of 4loko, total peer pressure move. It was really a thing called a Tele Bomb, a bit of four loko with a shot of tequila dropped in. my bomb was basically the remnants so it was smaller and i didn’t experience the rage, but the effects were almost instant, and visible on the two others who took telebombs, as they started shouting in agreement over how sucky an online comic has become. it was funny, and real.

Have you ever written something, but then knowing the person would read it, adding something that wasn’t true, but would make the person feel better?

the most conceited thing i have ever wrote: sometimes i forget that i am such an awesome dude, or that my existence/presence matters to people. then i think of how much of a jerk move it is to hoard all this michael to my self.

I hope this girl doesn’t have big boobs, because it is a real struggle for me not to just want to burry my face between them and go ‘BBLLLLLLLLUUUUUUURRRURRRURRRURRRRURRRR”

“don’t be an emo bitch!”

On thanksgiving day nobody rides the train but junkies, Jed and I.I mean we saw this guy taking a piss on the belmont platform, right under the heat lamps. i chuckled at the absurdity of it all, and the guy started yelling, hew WAS obviously high on something, and didn’t have a problem with any of it,i just didn’t want to get peed on nor yelled at. NORTH SIDE STORIES

I think the biggest challenge at SAIC, is learning that you can be better than anyone else in the school.

Delusion is so much fun