Thoughts pt. Two

by M. L. Morrill

kick that habit

Several years later my family and I went to the Ronald Reagan library for my dad’s birthday. There was a short biographical film, and when it was over i saw my dad was crying.

chelsea girls and bachelor number two

Mighty Ducks is Slap Shot, but with kids.

remember melodramatic and livejournal? i will never forget it. all that bullshit i went through because of some nosey dad thought i was going to kill myself, and then EVERYONE in church talking about how i was gonna slit my wrists. though if they were so concerned, why didn’t they ask me about it? i dunno, maybe because they’re whack!  whatever, it built character.

Don’t sleep in, Clean your room, and Do your homework!

john cale

Michael Morrill is getting better at chess

i really really like richard sera, kim gordon too. she’s so cute the way she sings and is so filled with spunk total crush –remember that girl in illustration that did that picture of herself that you thought looked like kim gordon? that girl was way cute. all the cute and sane girls are in illustration, the crazies are in sculpture and performance. richard sera and eva hesse they make me feel so cushy

I like that sonic youth is followed by Spazz, it makes so much sense and seems so perfect.