Thoughts pt. One

by M. L. Morrill

I struggle. every day i fight the urge to think in a christian/dogmatic puritanical sin/capitalism is bad.

you participate in the machine you hate.

That is because it is impossible to live outside of this machine. it is everywhere.

but don’t you worry about becoming middle class?

I have been middle class all my life. There is no escaping it. The fact that i have even a junior college education makes me middle class.

dada is a fuckin trip, man

I’m not ready for these midwest songs to get real.

Nothing lasts forever. Somethings will last longer than others, but nothing will last forever. Human civilization is absolutely included in this. And we might be at the end of it, but i doubt it. Humans will survive like roaches and rats. But even they will die before the earth is hit by a comet, or the sun explodes. so who gives a fuck  whether this book is made of off gassing squirrel fucking paper,

Now do not think i am advocating the driving of hummers while dragging dolphin carcasses, no way, because that shit is whack!

if there is one thing that will drive me towards nihilism and insanity, it is this fucking sustainability class.  I feel myself getting antisocial, and i hate it.


“Searching for words that sound the same”

let’s fucking go!

Steve Albini LEE RONALDO [the other guitarist for sonic youth] is one crazy cat


fuck yeah, motherfuck!

Never say “I don’t know” it is a total copout and an insult to your own intelligence.

cal worthington ford in Long Beach is now a song

Goodbye, 50s; hello, 40s and 30s.

darrell strawberry was number 44

When I was in fifth grade our church choir was invited to sing for ronald reagan but he died before we got our chance.