Seven years ago tomorrow

by M. L. Morrill

I’ve been contemplating making a “grown-up” blog for a few weeks, but each time, i would get caught reminiscing about livejournal, or its predecessor Melodratic, a site which caused a LOT of drama in high school. Today, while actually looking at my old Melo account, i saw this:

something to be thankful for

Submitted by morerocklesscop on Thu.11.27.03 11:11am
school: i hate it, but it gives me something to do, and something to get dressed for.
grades: i got three ’a’s, one ’a-’, one ’b’ and a ’b-’. which means i have a 3.73 gpa
the goodwill: i got six records there on monday. i got queen’s “greatest hits”, pink floyd’s “final cut”, led zeplin, and a soft cell record sleve, i also got two records for friends for christmas.
mark: my friend from colorado came back to california for a few days. he leave sunday.

I really had a 3.73? whoa! This entry is one of the more happy ones, as a lot of shit would go down a couple weeks later.