Hello world!

by M. L. Morrill

Dear Lawrence, how are you doing? I am doing well, actually, it’s cold. after an indian Summer, old man winter has decided to take a shit on Chicago. Three days ago it was in the forties, right now it is 33* outside and 48 inside. The heat is on, but it isn’t working that well. Its baseboard heating, and our walls are little more than brick and button board. Well, i think that is enough whining. I mentioned you in conversation today. An hour ago I was talking to Jed, my roommate’s, Step-dad. He is an environmental scientist that works in site reclamation, restoring the sites of old industrial plants and mills. We talked about geology, and suburban sprawl. He said that in ten years, southern Riverside County (Temecula, Muerrietta) went from 3,500 residents to 350,000. Can you believe that? I told him about your expirience in RC, and then got into your moisture project in Hinkly which brought up his work in the chromium leaks in the Mojave, the ones in Erin Brakovic. He explained how they are able to decontaminate the chromium by re-precipitating it into  hard rock by flooding it with dissolved iron. Something I thought was amazing. it was really good to flex my geology muscles, something i rarely get to do in pancake flat Chicago.  Anyways, I can’t wait to come home next month. We really should get lunch while i am in town.

freezingly yours, Michael