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New Tape: Peaceful Easy Listening


This mix was came out of listening to non stop sappy love songs since about April. First it was the Ramones (sadly not on here) which turned me onto the Beach Boys>  some other obscure stuff> Watching KIDS> Big Black> until I just went full commit and downloaded Girls.
Watch out, it gets pretty emotional, and if you’re not careful you’ll be crushing on every pretty face you see.

This was dubbed on to a real tape (which is why it cuts out at certain times in the left channel) then I swapped the cables and digitized it through Audacity. There are two copies, but I think they are spoken for!


Peaceful Easy Listening

THIS IS NOSTALGIA // is this nostalgia

Recently I’ve been looking at records and music and the diy aesthetics of the early/mid 2000s, and I love it. actual records with design/work that went into the entirety of the object. The first and most obvious is the sleeve. a 7×7, 10×10 or 12×12 image signifying the awesomeness contained on the disc. But it goes beyond good cover art, into disc color (transparent green! baby blue! marbled grey!) Disc label, pro printed? stenciled? rubber stamped? does it have the info on one side and a giant logo on the other. Or does it have one dot sticker for side A and two for side B? Finally what about the little insert? Is it a little piece of paper that was cut off a larger xeroxed sheet? Does it contain the lyrics to the songs, and if it does, are the songs arranged in order or not.

 This past friday after work I was pretty stoked, my bike got stolen and quickly recovered, I got paid, and I got off work at noon. I was pretty stoked my day went from the worst day of my life (not really) to the best. So I went north to check out a bike shop that sells Swrve jackets but they were closed and the wrong store anyways, but still I wound up at Reckless Records, and SCORED!!!! First I found some rad LPs, but I wasn’t feeling buying something totally new just yet, though I think I will go back and buy those Earth LPs, any record with a lime green ‘Cuda has to be worth some of its salt. But the real shit that got my goat were two 7″s by two of the raddest and seriously influential bands in Los Angeles, yet I found them 2000 miles away in Chicago.
The first was Silver Daggers’ first 7″ on Not Not Fun. Honestly, I thought I wasn’t gonna find this one anywhere other than ebay. so when I saw it in the stack my mind was blown. this record came out just before I started going to their shows. I didn’t have a record player so even if I saw it I wouldn’t have bought it, and besides their two cd-rs Art School No Bleed and Live on KXLU were totally better deals. Long Story Short: I was so stoked to find this.
Then I brought it home, and had was really blown away by the packaging. This is the record by which all others are judged! It is a Not Not Fun release, so you know it is rad. When Foot Village released their World Fantasy ten inch it came in a large(think File box size) with just the record and leaves! Back to the SD 7″, firstly, its in a raw cardboard sleeve with two color screen print, one part is folded over to form a pocket for the disc. Inside, instead of a simple lyrics sheet is a rad booklet filled with anarcho/anti cop/anti system rawness! It is so rad, and so raw.
I love it because it is an object from one of the raddest periods in my life which was the summer of 2005 into 2006. It was my Breaking Away summer, nothing but bikes and punk shows. I had graduated high school and my friends went to college and so I found a new crew. Luz, Jose, Letty, Camryn, and then the A-House kids, Matt, Megan, Budge, Morgan, Max. I was 18 and everything was Rad!
I feel like I am in another one of those periods. I’m sorta done with school, I have an AWESOME job (with the TRILLEST colleagues), I don’t have a girlfriend (in a good way), and I am able to get by on my own, which has been a goal of mine since I was eighteen.

So here’s to the future, and this new segment in our lives!
 ‘Cuz I think ur kool!
-Michael Morrill

We Need to Stop the Rage!!!!

This mix was originally intended to be the counter-mix to the aggressive, hardcore brutality of Thrashthepainaway Vol. 2, but of course, as with everything else in life things tend to get heavy pretty quickly.

Whenever I am making a tape I like to put in something opposite the prevailing mood, so if its heavy, I’ll put in something poppy, its a pretty cheap laugh/shock. So this was supposed to be made up of many of those kind of tracks. and the first track “Heynerdshovetheinternetupyourgapinganalcavity@dork.com” by Spazz was going to be the track that connects this mix with the last. But over the past few weeks, weeks of solitude (this is realtalk here), constant drinking, reading, and working, I’ve found some sort of joy in other people’s depressing music. Not that I relate to it in the way I related to Bright Eyes and Cursive in high school, but that some of the sentiments are sooooo ridiculous. The prime example of this is the song “Confusion” by Doom. Jeez Louise!!!!!!! so much hatred or angst its almost comical.
That said, there are some really good, and HEAVY songs. Most notably are those by THRONES and 16 Bitch Pile-Up. These two bands are most responsible for the mood of this track. Both acts are soooo amazing. Other bands/musicians on this tape are Crystals, Japanther, Lee Hazlewood, Mobb Deep, Born Against, and Throbbing Gristle. I hope You like it

Staying Positive,


Earlier this week I finished reading Baudrillard’s “The Intelligence of Evil or the Lucidity Pact” (2005). Like any worthwhile philosophy it was pretty mind blowing, yet so obvious. On thursday night I went over to the new Powell’s Books on Roosevelt and Halstead and picked up a copy of Deleuze’s Diologues II. Honestly, and understandably, I’ve had difficulty reading Deleuze in the past, but after Baudrillard got my theory muscles back in shape, I am stoked on this shit. FUCK YEAH PLURALISM! HELL YEAH INTEGRAL REALITY! SHITCHYEAH LIFE IS WAY MORE COMPLEX AND INTERMINGLED THAN ANY GOOD VS. EVIL DICHOTOMY CAN EVER HOPE TO SOLVE.

Fuck Yeah Nietzsche, Adorno, Baudrillard, Deleuze, Foucault, Derrida ALL Y’ALL MOTHERFUCKERS BEEN FUCKING SHIT UP FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE FOR DECADES!!!!!!

…So Yeah,
I do most of my reading while on standby between runs and there is something special/secretive/amazing about reading amongst the rush of people doing their hustle. There are so many downtown dressed people coming across Wacker from the Ogilvie on their way to work where they get paid big bucks or barely minimum wage, people do their grind, and I am just happy that mine includes the realization that I have an ear to ear grin from Deleuze, and being interuptd by three Hassidic boys asking if I was jewish, and when I responded in the negative they wished me a good day. I like my job and I hope you like yours!

Stay Positive!

On Mortality

Mortality: a word which contains its meaning and weight so efficiently. There is no misunderstanding what it means, in both literal and abstract terms.

The issue of mortality is always present. The fact that I will die and all sensation will end is a constant motivation to cram as much life into my 75 years as I possibly can. This is what motivates me to be my most positive self all the time. It is the positivest end of nihilism.
But man, real talk! that doesn’t mean shit doesn’t suck sometimes. In the past week my Uncle Kim died, I saw sara for the first time since we broke up, I got doored on friday and hit on the following monday.
All of this is within my abilities to stay positive despite the bullshit, except for my Uncle. Because he was the last vestige of 20th Century Masculinity. A role he most definitely inherited after my grandpa’s death. To be honest, my Uncle Kim’s death is as much about my Grandpa, Lawrence Omar Ford’s death as it is his own. My grandpa died in the winter of 2005, the same month both my sister and I were in separate but equally as terrifying car accidents. When my mom told me Grandpa died all I could say was something about how we just got ten new cars. The weight of grandpa’s death wouldn’t hit me until a year later when I was in at a campsite in Bandon, Oregon on route to San Francisco. Since then his death has only become real a handful of times. I still regret that he did’t get to see me graduate high school or college, and that when grandpa died I was still working that bullshit job at motherfucking Saturn of Monrovia.
What separates Grandpa and Uncle Kim from me and my entire concept of masculinity, is they were the real deal ideal of Modern Man. My grandpa had a wife, two kids, and a house in Torrence, CA with a Porsche 356 in the driveway. Kim had a house in poway with a hot rodded ’72 Toyota Celica with webber side drafts and the works. Granted I know that these men were not perfect, both went through more than one divorce, and Kim definitely had a life long battle with alcoholism which he sadly lost. But what stays with me is the fact that they were real people, not a pair of fictional characters a la McCarthy or Hemingway, they were the real deal. More than that, I not only knew them but am related to them, so you can see their status as legend in my concept of them.
Furthermore, I am not glossing over their flaws. They were not racists, (believe me, when I was in my anacho/crimethinc phase I was really looking for it) they were not republicans. They were two big dicked men that served in the military, raced cars, flew planes, and enjoyed 4 cylinder european and japanese automobiles when America was still “Economically viable.”

RIP L.O.F. and K.O.F
Team Escargot Reigns Supreme!

Anyways, I hate to be all down like that, but I’ve needed to get this out of my head for a while now. Stay Positive!

You know that Candy Man is the post modern film ever? Yeah, cuz it pits two modernist concepts of architecture (Cabrini Green and the UCI Walkways/auditorium) against a ghostly villain


Howdy, Everyone!
I am sharing with you a recent project that I have wanted to do for a while which is a digital mixtape. DON’T CALL IT A MOTHERFUCKIN’ PODCAST, that’s the MOST LINGUISTICALLY OFFENSIVE TERM I’VE EVER HEARD! I made this tape after a recent change in my life threatened my positivity. However instead of going down the stinkhole of depression I proactively deleted all of the sad songs on my computer. And while trying to keep myself busy by cleaning up I found an old mix tape I made for SWARM!’s Crucial Vegan Friendship Picnic. I popped that tape in and felt the rush of bummerproof posi vibes. A few days later I went to Atomix Coffee on Chicago Avenue and replaced all the depressed music with a few gigs worth of hardcore/power violence/doom/thrash. Most of these are vinyl rips which I then compiled into a single sixty minute playlist turned tape, and then re digitized that cassette into two MP3s, one for each side, made some cover art, and now present to you, My Friends!

It’s the most ruling mix in a long while. It features, PV mainstays Spazz, Infest, Lack of Intrest, CB, MitB, and more. It also features a couple oddities I didn’t originally associated with hardcore such as XBXRX, Men’s Recovery Project, and 16 Bitch Pile-Up. which I have to admit, I think I have a crush and that band, because they slay! So here it is, a few days of work and procrastination I titled THRASH THE PAIN AWAY PT. II.


still STOKED,